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THIS is why my kids want to kill me

This is another YouTube tag called the “EXACT INSTRUCTIONS Challenge”

This was originally done in schools as a lesson for communication

So in this video you’d watch Josh, as he follows the EXACT INSTRUCTIONS his kids write to makes a simple PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich  and yebb 😂😂😂 he follows EXACTLY the way it’s written 

It’s absolutely hilarious to watch as his kids bloat up in anger ! 😂😂😂 

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Dhakad Girls

Fathima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra starred in the blockbuster of 2016 Dangal. They got a chance to act with Amir Khan but they did more than that. After the movie they spent an entire year interning for him and they got to spend so much of time with Mr. Perfectionist and learn a lot from him. When this trio appeared on Koffee with Karan, it felt like they were a family and it was so fun to watch them bond.

They helped Amir in the infamous rapid fire quiz and they participated in the Koffee Quiz and boy were they competitive!

These girls are role models for all of us and I have a feeling they are going to make it real big real soon.


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Shape of you

Ed Sheeran did not release any music the whole of 2016 after a phenomenal album X in 2015. So I think he is one of those artists who come out of their cave once in 2 years, create history and then go back into hiding.

It is pretty cool that you can get away with doing that but these artists will only last if they just keep improving on whatever they do year by year.

Without doubt he has improved and I would say that he is definitely back with a bang this year with this funky number Shape of you.

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Mylai Fest

All great cities have a soul. Mylapore can rightfully claim to be the soul of Chennai (Madras) city here in south India. It pre-dates Chennai’s birth in the 17th cent. and has seen the city grow as it has, its own. Mylapore retains the look and feel of an old neighborhood, the culture and heritage typically south Indian, yet it has not escaped development. This place that is proud of its arts, culture and tradition and people is just the setting for a cultural festival. A festival held in its very heart and around a great temple. Held every year in early January. Vango

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​Other than the fact that my friend has acted in this video,the fact that Put Chutney has decided to shine a light on South India’s most popular dance form- Dappanguthu  ( I know you would’ve guess Bharathnatyam but no)

This video did not do as well as the previous ones such as the Facebook profile stereotypes but it is still a fun video to watch. Anil Srinivasan, a fellow VMite has provided the sound effects for the local dance form and it’s entire purpose and importance is explained step by step.

Very enlightening. Do check it out 

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Escaping Death.

We’ve all watched Final Destination. The five really similar parts, which turn out to be preludes eventually. The concept of escaping death.

Well, creepily enough, there seem to have been similar real-life experiences among people, wherein they escape death, and death comes back to them as it follows a certain pattern for its victims. And oh, THERE IS NO GOING BACK. The plan is stuck to.

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Jon Benet Ramsey


Maybe it’s the fact that her parents were considered suspects and later cleared.

Maybe it’s because the murder of a 6-year-old beauty queen has never been solved.

Twenty years later, the public continues to be captivated by the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Short life in spotlight, a questionable ransom note, DNA samples, and alleged abuse yet an unsolved murder.

Watch Shane Dawson’s video on Jon Benet Ramsey’s case :

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When Denver International Airport (the actual airport is not even situated in Denver)  opened on Feb. 28, 1995, construction had fallen 16 months behind schedule the reason being that there was a construct disaster and the entire project was buried underneath the airport. The airport itself is 35,000 acres, which is almost twice as large as the next biggest U.S. airport.and the creepiest part there so many signs and  not all can be coincidental , it all point to one thing and that is the existence of the Illuminati

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The 10 Most Evil Children In History

another creepy video by matthew santoro , this was released on a friday the 13th. it is truly very disturbing to see that children and be this evil and have the guts to go ahead with such horrific crimes.

this video too sites real names ,places and dates .this really elevates the fear levels in the video. a few of the people here seem to have been mentally disturbed but this little solace after seeing the gravity of their crimes.

here is a link to the video :

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10 Conspiracy Theories that turned out to be true!

Ever been in a situation wherein people don’t believe what you’ve got to say? Well, you’re not alone :/
Watch Matthew Santoro break down 10 most popular conspiracy theories of all time that did, in fact turn out to be TRUE!
The Guy Fawkes Conspiracy, the MK-ULTRA Conspiracy, the Snow White Conspiracy, THE ILLUMINATI Conspiracy and what not!

Watch the video here: