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Voices – Lilly Singh

Need no introduction for her.

Her music video ‘Voices’ is the perfect representation of what’s going on in everyone’s head all the time. There’s a house shown in this video, which represents Lilly’s mind, and then there are five rooms where the voices of the singer echo – giving us a glimpse into the many lives she has to lead. These voices are arrogant, insecure, sexy, goofy and socially awake.

Yes, this music video in the form of a short story with several layers of metaphors sends out deep and powerful message about Multi-Faceted Identities we have to deal in our everyday life.



18, Aesthetically-inclined, all about that glam and horror and now up for some blogging

8 thoughts on “Voices – Lilly Singh

  1. I love the way Lilly is really expressive about what she wants to say, and puts it in just about the right way for the audience to take it in. One of her best videos!


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