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Selfie Cat

And we thought we were obsessed with selfies… 

In this animated short film, a girl wants nothing more than to get more likes on a photo with her cat compared to this other girl whom she obviously doesn’t like that much because she stole her number one spot when it comes to cat selfies. She tries to take selfies with her cat but her cat is not in a good mood because she is forcing him to take selfies while all he wants to do is pee. Watch the cat fight for his bathroom time and the girl for the perfect selfie in this cute short film. 

This film shows hows narcissistic and social media obsessed that people can be. I was very happy when the cat scratched her because she was really overdoing it and was really abusing the cat to do what she wanted. I would have taken the poor cat away from her and given it to a nicer person who doesn’t own a facebook account. 

Apart from all the animal torture, it’s a funny,  cute movie worth watching. 



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