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Pixar is not only known to produce best animation but also to tell the most inspiring stories .

“Piper” includes a ravenous infant sandpiper figuring out how to conquer her aquaphobia. The motivation originated from not exactly a mile far from Pixar Studios in Emeryville, California, where veteran Pixar artist and Piper executive Alan Barillaro would keep running close by the shore and notice winged creatures by the thousands escaping from the water yet returning between waves to eat.

A run of sandpipers chases for nourishment at a seashore, hurrying to peck at the sand when the tide subsides and withdrawing when it comes in. One infant is urged by her mom to join the rush, however she neglects to withdraw in time and is doused by the approaching surf. The episode leaves the child unnerved of the water; she declines to leave the home, yet soon sees a gathering of loner crabs diving into the sand to discover further nourishment and keep from being rocked by the tide. By replicating their conduct, she begins to see the excellence of the submerged world and gets to be talented at finding sustenance for the rush.

This will probably be the best thing you will ever see



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