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Mamas, Minorities and Music

With the Margazhi season in full swing it is just essential that I post this video. 

It’s not easy being a Christian in Chennai. It is even more difficult being a Christian who is a Yoga teacher and a carnatic music singer. 

Somehow ever Christian seems like a Joseph or an Antony, but we must be careful cuz sometimes their names just isn’t. Oh and a small bit of information for you, Christmas is not the same day as Diwali. 

Going to a concert isn’t just a workout for the ears, it’s one for the stomach too that makes you feel hungry afterwards. Of course you’ll want to eat Idli and Sambhaar but the tambrahm mama that sits nexts to you obviously has other ideas as he describes the nuances of Naatu Kurunji. 

Watch Alex’s struggle being a minority and a hungry person here:



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