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Fairness Creams

Do you guys remember the ant joke                                                                                                            No?  then let me tell you

once upon a time there lived 3 ant friends red black and white, they were the three Antusketeers (Musketeers) well one day out of sheer curiosity the black one asks the red out how it was so red. The rend one smiles and says its because she wore blush.the white one asked the black one how it got so black. The black one feels embarrassed and says she forgot to wear sunscreen and ended up getting sun burnt and tan.Now it was the white one’s turn to answer the 4 pairs of eagerly awaiting “ant”ennaes . the white one simply giggles and tells them she uses Fair and Lovely.

Stand-up Comedy by Karunesh Talwar makes fun of such ads on TV , its just hilarious to watch



Atypical,Courteous,compassionate, easy-going, intuitive, clever in making things as effortless and simple as possible and multi-tasker as result of years of procrastination.

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