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EIC: Coolest Uber Driver-Sapan Verma

Not all Damodars looks like Damodars.. and this Uber driver was a standing example. Imagine your driver, 25 years old, speaking in fluent English, wearing a Metallica Tee, with a Frappuccino on his cup holder straight outa Starbucks, listening to his Nucleya playlist…
YEP. Awestruck. OUT of words. Astonished.
That’s exactly what Sapan Verma felt!
Watch Sapan narrate this absolutely hilarious anecdote, an extract from his Obsessive Comedy Disorder, his first solo standup set! Believe me, it is worth your 3 minutes!
Comment on your thoughts!

Watch Sapan (Gorgeous) Verma here:

Also, let’s take a moment here to fan girl over Sapan Verma please! No one knows why, but this name creates magic in the hearts of many people. He is absolutely fantastic. It is an absolute shame that I never have had the chance (YET) to watch him perform live. But rest assured, it certainly is on my bucket list!



18 years old, artist, musician, bookworm who takes pride in drowning herself into a world of fantasy and characters.

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