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Passengers-The Year’s best horror movie that wasn’t

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in one of 2016’s most miscalculated love stories.

It’s uniquely disappointing to need to pan a movie like Passengers. This is an original, $110 million sci-fi/thriller/romance, produced from an extremely well-regarded script that appeared on the Black List nearly a decade ago—a genuine rarity at a time when Hollywood is obsessed with churning out new installments of time-tested franchises and sequels and reboots. It’s a movie that takes real risks, and if it didn’t star two of the biggest movie stars in the world, it probably wouldn’t have been made at all.

So I hope Hollywood will ultimately judge Passengers as a disastrous failure of execution, not of concept. This is a movie so completely miscalculated that it doesn’t even understand its genre. At heart, this isn’t a sci-fi romance—it’s a sci-fi horror movie.

Watch the trailer here:



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