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Be Our Pondati

Stereotyping is the worst. In fact it should become a court offense. From what you study to how you are because of your religion, unfortunately India is filled with these stereotypes. One such stereotype is the criteria that a girl should fit to be marriable to a person’s son. 

Be Our Pondati is a parody of the Carly Rae Jepson hit “Call Me Maybe” but the lyrics are less ‘bubblegum pop’  and more ‘makes you think about your country and culture’. This song was originally done for a contest by three girls from IIT, right here in Chennai. In this parody, a typical aunty is looking for brides for her son and is listing out what she wants in the potential bride. This video highlights the stereotypes associated with it in a satirical and catchy manner. 



Just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. Bookworm, Foodie and DIY enthusiast.

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