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Mary Lambert – Secrets

I am one of those people who pays attention to the lyric of almost all the song ..and most of the time I’d be able to relate to it, ironically not everyone interprets a song the way you do yet it implants the same kind of vibes in everyone

Secrets by Mary Lambert is a song almost all of us can deeply relate to                                         All of us have insecurities we’d like to keep hidden from the rest of the world but the moment you learn to accept it ,accept its a part of who you are now you wouldn’t feel the need to keep it a secret anymore you wouldn’t think of it being a weakness. And thus born a reformed version of yourself.



Atypical,Courteous,compassionate, easy-going, intuitive, clever in making things as effortless and simple as possible and multi-tasker as result of years of procrastination.

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