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When parents use Technology

LET’S ACCEPT IT. Superwoman aka Lilly Singh is one person we all can relate to. NO MATTER, which part of the world you live in.
There was this one time, she forgets to take her work related stuff and she is left with no other but to ask her parents to send her files through GMail. YES. UNFORTUNATELY. Now that explains why this particular video of hers is unusually longer!

The video starts with her dad, Manjeet Singh, from Sector 17, Chandigarh, dancing to Hotline Bling! Sounds hilarious already?
“Ever since I left the village ju, ju know exactly what I asked for”
“You used to call me on my mobile”

To enjoy this pure delight, click on the link below. Thank me later.

Paramjeet: “Hein Lilly! Ju use Gangster mail?
Lilly: Ok mom, i’ll sign up on hotmail.
Paramjeet: Hot Male?!?!





18 years old, artist, musician, bookworm who takes pride in drowning herself into a world of fantasy and characters.

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