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The 2017 song

This is a really really cool music video put up by the geniuses at AIB. Released on 25th december , the song went viral on most social media platforms . and for good reason . the titled “the 2017 song #peekaymatchala “

Urges viewers to ensure that they don’t drink and drive on new year’s .

The song is wonderfully well written . the lyrics throw a positive notion to start 2017 with . Touching back on some of the many mishaps that happened in 2016 , the song is about how 2017 will be much better year .

Set to the tune of bartameez dil from YJHD , the beats are familiar and fun to listen to .

A very interesting aspect of this video is that many popular indian comedy/youtube stars make appearances in it . A very exciting appearance for me was Kanan gill announcing that his popular youtube series -pretentious movie reviews will be back this year.

In all , the song is delightful and the lyrics(can’t emphasis how cool they are enough ) are on point .


Here is a link :



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