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Look At Me Now – Karmin

Amy Rene Noonan is Rap goals. 

The sheer breath control and line delivery in this video is just WOW! Clarity in speech, diction and all the other criteria that needs to be followed while giving a speech is the same criteria to be followed while rapping. The first and most important thing is to know the lyrics super well otherwise you can never even aim to reach great speeds. This song, like most rap songs, was high in profane language so the first step was to clean it up which is not an easy task given the length of the piece. Then to mix it up and add your own music to it, wow. Just brilliant. 

And no one could forget to mention the other half of Karmin, her then boyfriend and now husband, Nick Noonan, faithfully by her side, playing those chords and giving the song more life. 

Check out the video here:



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