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The Viva

Every student has been through viva. The art of blabbering what little you understood from the book matter. The anxiety before we meet the examiner, the looks we give our friends and the struggle with our ears so that we can hear and prepare ourselves for the questions is something all of us have experienced. 

Physics is always a tough paper… Whether you have studied or not. This short film takes you through the process of viva and the types of answers the students come up with. You have the story teller, the guy who studied this ‘just’ yesterday, the thinker, the dosa maker, the deaf and dumb fellow, the twin and more. And there is a huge twist and the end before they say Hence Proved! xD

My favourite dialogue in this short film is the processing one (ringing true the saying, if you can’t convince them, confuse them). 
Unless you know Telugu… It might be a good idea to turn on the captions. 



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