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Donald. J. Trump

On the 9th of November 2016,most of us woke up to see something we never thought we would. A woman who had spent the last 20 years of her life building a political career lost the elections to a man who had taken politics up a hobby last year. An openly racist man had been voted as the president of the United states. As soon as the results were out, several claims of acts based on discrimination surfaced all over the country. Complaints of Slurs and threats targeting specific segments of the society arose. This brings up a very important question. Were a large segment of the US population already uncomfortable with the multicultural country they lived in? Is this victory just a channel for them to put out their pent up emotions? Only time will tell us. 

Here is how people reacted 



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2 thoughts on “Donald. J. Trump

  1. Hopefully his advisors are not as insane as he is and they actually do bring some good for the country. He is a business man so he should be at least a little bit decent at logical thinking. Here’s hoping amd praying for America.

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