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The Great Divide

When you hear the name Rebecca Black, you automatically think of “That Friday Girl” who had a viral video on YouTube, wayyyy too much autotune and a horrible song (and can we not talk about that huge zit on her face?). The Great Divide is her new song with something different – she actually sings this one and may I say, spectacularly!

At the beginning of the video she has a small message for the people and she even breaks down into tears. She has really comes so far and to still post a video on YouTube after so much hate and bullying she has received (no song however bad should be the cause for bullying. Like what is wrong with you people, seriously?) she has bounced back and said to the masses that she isn’t that girl any longer and proves it with the brilliant song. 

Don’t want to listen to the message and wanna go directly to the song? Start at 1:24.



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