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Age Titled Songs

I don’t know about you guys but I started doing this thing, growing up I had a song of the year and that would be some song that relates to my age

It  all started with Taylor swift’s song fifteen,

looking back now hehe the 16 year old me drove mom and dad crazy singing this for hours.

This song  is from the Film THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)  yes i know its a really old song but come on it was very catchy at the time.

This still is an absolute favourite!!

haha now being 19 this is my song of the year.



Atypical,Courteous,compassionate, easy-going, intuitive, clever in making things as effortless and simple as possible and multi-tasker as result of years of procrastination.

2 thoughts on “Age Titled Songs

  1. I had the thing with Taylor Swift’s fifteen too! 💛
    Alessia Cara’s seventeen should have released earlier…
    In another couple of years we’ll add Taylor’s 22 to this list😄

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