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The Vardah Cyclone

Sometimes, a calamity can go beyond our hands and our predictions. One such horror event is the occurrence of Cyclone Vardah. Chennai was unaware, to put it rightly, unprepared for such an intense cyclone. The weather forecast department realized its strength only by Sunday afternoon when the skies got cloudy and windy. However, it was expected that Chennai would get heavy by Monday afternoon and then cyclone would weaken. But things changed when the eye of the cyclone was over north Chennai completely, intensifying the situation.

When cyclone Vardah became furious after the landfall, Chennai experienced historic winds. The winds were clocking at the rate of 100 km/hr and rainfall was close to 160 mm in the morning itself. Chennai was not used to this kind of high speed winds and the resultant damage was beyond imagination. Cyclone Vardah’s historic winds and massive deluge rains have created a fearful memory of cyclones for Chennaites.

Watch this video, to get an idea of the whole picture.



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