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54 Jokes in 4 Minutes

Hank Green is now known as the brother of John Green, the writer who broke many hearts with his books, especially The Fault in Our Stars. Well, when John was just starting out being famous, so was he. The brother duo ran a YouTube channel – vlogbrothers! 

In this video, Hank attempts to say 54 jokes in 4 minutes! You many need to arm yourself with captions(subtitles) and the pause button if you are a regular tubelight. These jokes are so punny (funny because of a pun). Some things you’ll need to get the popular culture references (like the Harry Potter one, or the Star Wars one), but even if you don’t there are still some brilliant ones that you WILL get! So get ready… The video may be for 4 minutes but I assure you that you will be laughing for longer than that. 



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