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Deep web

the deep web is a part of the internet that hidden from the surface web that we are used to surfing . it contains terrifying websites where unbelievable , unimaginable thing happen on a daily basis . the term alone is enough to scare a regular ,safe web user. countless cases of threats, thefts of confidential information and other such frightening crimes have been reported after the accessing of the deep web from personal computers.

complete and unrestricted freedom is a fundamental that the deep web strictly follows. it is indeed disturbing to see how violent and sadistic certain people are . live streams of murders is a popular passtime on the deep web . even after very intense efforts , many governments across the world have failed to control what happens here. sale of drugs , weapons and other banned goods happens here openly. it is advised that internet users stay away from the deep web for as long as possible .

youtube has many people posting their experiences on the deep web .

here is a link by one such user :




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