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The fandom [group of crazy people in love with the same thing(generally a tv show, movie or music artist)] is vast and a small section of these are the creative masterminds. These cool dudes make memes, gifs and other such things. On YouTube they post “Cracks”. A ‘Crack’ is a video that has been made from ‘crack’ing the original video i.e. the original TV show footage. It’ s made by editing and anything and everything can be done inclusing adding dialogues from other shows/movies, adding music or sound effects, or cutting and pasting scenes. Generally these are done unofficially with only one goal – to make people laugh. 

Sherlock is of those shows where you need to have a strong will… to stay up all night binge-watching. Love the show? Now see the fan-pieces(fan made masterpieces). 🙂 



Just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. Bookworm, Foodie and DIY enthusiast.

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