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Brooklyn Nine Nine

One episode is enough to make any sane person addicted to the B99. Andy Samberg is one amazing person and it is hard to not love his satirical character. Episode after episode, season after season, journey with the Nine Nine is one fun, never ending ride! I’ve been freaking out since the fourth season premiered in March!! This bone tickling series is filled with mystery, thrilling sequences and most importantly, comedy.

All I am asking you guys is…PLEASE!  Just watch this promo of Season 1! I won’t have the need to urge you to watch the rest! In fact, binge watching is totally a normal turn of events!
Here is the link:

Pristinct Nine Nine’s cast includes,

  •  Andy Samberg as Detective Jacob “Jake” Peralta
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Detective Rosa Diaz
  • Terry Crews as Detective Sergeant Terence “Terry” Jeffords
  • Melissa Fumero as Detective Amelia “Amy” Santiago
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Detective Charles Boyle
  • Chelsea Peretti as Administrator Regina “Gina” Linetti
  • Andre Braugher as Captain Raymond Jacob “Ray” Holt
  • Dirk Blocker as Detective Third Grade Michael Hitchcock
  • Joel McKinnon Miller as Detective Norman “Norm” Scully



18 years old, artist, musician, bookworm who takes pride in drowning herself into a world of fantasy and characters.

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