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Emptiness by Rohan rathore

The song, titled Emptiness, became a rage online,

Rohan rathore It’s a story that would touch anyone’s heart — Rohan Rathore, an IIT-Guwahati student, loved a girl who didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He composed a heart-wrenching number for her and died out of cancer 15 days later.

Well that is what we all thought the story behind the song was but apparently there is a hitch.

To counter the Rohan Rathore story

Shortly after the song became popular, fans got curious.

Apparently, Rohan Rathore does not exist. Gajendra Verma, a 21-year-old sound recordist from Mumbai, says that he has sung the song, written by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee, a writer, and Verma’s friend, Monami Roy.

But either ways this song sure is worth listening to its one of those songs you keep on repeat or top of your playlist.



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