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The Elevator

The short film The Elevator by Greg Glienna , shows a very funny 3 minute long elevator ride.

The ‘hero’  of the film , gets onto an elevator and hits the button to reach the 9th floor. As the elevator goes up , more and more heavily built people get in . Panicking that they may exceed the capacity the hero decides to get off . He then gets onto another elevator which seems to have a lot slimmer/fitter people. To his dismay however they all begin to cough and he realizes that they are all patients. As they walk out on the 6th floor, a sign reads”treatment for swineflu” (or something of that sort) subtly indication what he is in for.

The film is much better when watched xD . Do watch when you have time .

Here is the link i watched it on :

p.s : amazing art direction



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