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​When we see a Post-It, we think of exam preparations, of forgotten points and of colourful tabs aiding us in our studies. But the simple sticky paper goes further in this Short Film. 

Elroy is carrying a box of supplies at the bus stop. He is distant and doesn’t want to talk. Clara forces him out of his shell and makes him open up about his dead mother who used to leave Post Its on his door. Elroy laments about how his mother was such a nice person and that he wishes that he could have been more like her. When joined by a third person, Clara uses the Post Its to teach Elroy on how to use handy statiomary to spread positivity and love and make people feel good about themselves.

Though this film doesn’t have much of a plot line or a gripping climax, the way positivity is spread and the message of Loving something about everybody, makes the film inspiring and beautiful. It takes the phrase “labelling people” in a different direction as here it is done in a good way. 

Three words to describe the message of this film – Positive Vibes Only.



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