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Human form

A young girl in Korea is ready to give almost anything to get the ” perfect face” .  Watch the whole thing now

Korea is the capital of plastic surgery. Teenagers are willing to reconstruct their face to acheive societal acceptance. This is misery to be acknowledged. I’ll explain the ending for you guys just in case you didn’t understand just like how I didn’t when I first saw the film. So the girl dies in the surgery and she is replaced with another girl. The family can’t obviously identify cause now she has got the face everyone else has. Some say that even the family members were replaced when each died in their surgery. This creepy and amazing short film won tons of awards and was featured in many festivals. Imagine a world where everyone has got the same “plastic ” face , how artificial and horrific would that be. A classy horror tale throwing light on a grave issue.



18, Aesthetically-inclined, all about that glam and horror and now up for some blogging

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