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Middle Class Restaurant Problems

sTo talk about Indian Stand up comedy without mentioning Kenneth Sebastian would be injustice . In this particular set , he takes us through the differences between a middle class and a rich family at a restaurant meal.

The comic is hilarious as he explains both the situations with amazing voice modulation and relate-able examples.He also talks about managers and their typical behaviour .The arrangement of the jokes makes them very effective and unbelievably funny. Definitely worth a watch for anyone whether or not you are into comedy. Subscribe to his channel for more such great content 😀

Here is a link to the video :

link to the channel :

Also in the following links he talks about how he wrote the joke (as a part of

Abish Mathew’s journey of a joke series ) .This very interesting to anyone who is who might want to start doing stand up comedy.

part one :

part two :



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