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Elisa Lam

Freaky Fridays :

First, I want you guys to watch the video. Link below.

Totally normal right? A girl was missing and 18days later she was found dead inside a water tank and till to this day the death remains a mystery! There are so many theories on this case but the one I strongly believe is that she was murdered by the staff of the hotel for whatsoever reason. It is also believed that the elevator footage has been edited and cut short cause the LAPD wanted to cover up the clues leading to the killer.

This is not the only unsolved mystery , there are nearly 40 which i have come across. This incident also reminds us about Aarushi Talvar’s case where evidences weren’t handled well. Imagine the misery of the family not knowing how their daughter died. RIP Elisa.

Guys, share your thoughts and tell me  which theory do you believe in?



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