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DIY Sound Absorption Panels

Youtube has become a great platform for a lot of new musicians and small budget producers . many such  creators choose to record their content at home . doing this gets challenging when it comes to recording sounds and music. This DIY video by the channel DIY perks helps content creators tackle this problem cost effectively.

The youtuber, Matt , compares different noise absorbing materials and demonstrates their effectiveness. All the materials used are cheap and easily available.after performing his experiment, he concludes that using house towels will be the most effective .

He then proceeds to teach the viewers how to make sound absorbing panels with towels. Explaining the process clearly in the video he also has a detailed explanation of the criteria he took into consideration for making his observations.

This video will definitely be helpful for anyone who is looking for a cost efficient way to record good acoustics. His channel also features other  such DIY videos that are practical and definitely useful. Worth a watch for anyone who is interested 😀

Here is a link to the video :



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