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why this kolaveri di

To most Indians these words are not new. When it was released in 2011, the song became an instant hit ,trending on various social media platforms for days on end. Composed by Anirudh Ravichander and sung by Dhanush, the song was made as part of their movie project titled 3.

The song is catchy and is 4 minutes long. The use of English words with Tamil slang was introduced through this song. It brings out negative emotions  with a comic tone and this helps lighten their intensity.

Another interesting aspect is the use of south Indian instruments in the song. This too is something that got majorly popular after this song came out .

The song has had many many fan remakes and parodies. These are also very interesting and the tune suits almost any language. Personally , i find it extremely catchy . it is a great song to listen to when you feel slightly low .

If you haven’t heard it already (what??) here is a link :



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