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Roundtable Rival – Lindsey Stirling

When we think of the violin, we imagine a slow, classical instrument that is good to listen to when you’re being attacked by insomnia. But Lindsey Stirling takes the simple instument to a level no one has thought to before, making a beautiful sounding instrument, magnificent. In a world where instrumental is not the most popular thing, one should listen to Lindsey as she will surely change your mind. 

Quick paced and catchy with a showdown in the Wild West(Cowgirls, bank robbers and saloons), the music is perfectly accompanied by a video RIVALling(see what I just did there? xD) the usual pop anthems that dominate our age group’s playlists today. 



Just an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. Bookworm, Foodie and DIY enthusiast.

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