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What’s virgin mean ?

Overthinking often disrupts our normal train of thoughts and messes up mental peace. An example of the same is beautifully put forth in Michael Davies’s short film titled  :

“ What’s Virgin Mean ?”

The two minute long short film , produced in 2008 shows a short conversation between a mother and her 5 year old daughter. The daughter is seen doing some colouring when she asks her mother what “virgin” means. Upon hearing this, the mother is shocked and begins to try and explain to her what the word means. After a long , awkward description , she stops, hoping that her answer would satisfy her daughter. At this point her daughter asks what “extra virgin” means revealing that she was asking about the word’s alternate meaning.

The wonderful comedy , throws light on how easily people over think and jump to random conclusions. A feel good ,short film, this will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face . it also tells us to pay attention to the little things and simplify life as much as possible. The little girl’s innocent perspective gives the watcher a fresh perspective and lightens the mood very effectively. As it is very short it, isn’t taxing on the attention span either. The film is a great watch for anyone who is stressed and requires a smile .

Here is a link to watch the film :



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