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“Pure-Veg” – Aman Dahiya

This Monday I thought I would start off with this cute video that talks about sibling attachment. 🙂

The story starts off with a boy and girl, seemingly old school friends, meeting up after ages on the beach and getting nostalgic over their old times. They move in together. The guy is an artist, and the girl works in the film industry. We see situations where the guy is extremely protective of her, especially with her personal life. She doesn’t appreciate this. The film ends with the boy beating up her abusive boyfriend, which forces us to conclude that the two have a romantic connection. However, they beautifully end it by portraying them as brother and sister :’)

Watch the video at



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One thought on ““Pure-Veg” – Aman Dahiya

  1. its just sad how we women tend to tolerate such behaviour from men
    it was really sweet when the brother and sister embrace each other in the end after being scolded


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