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Beautiful Moments

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen,  heard or even touched. They must be felt with the heart ”

:~ Helen Keller
Very rightly quoted by one of the most inspirational women of all time

(by now you must be wondering why I quoted her ..  patience child..😂😜)

well,  at times when you look back and remember about your fondest memories….it always puts a smile on your face,  fills your heart with warmth and when you reminisce those parts of your memories you’d realize it was those feelings behind those small things or words that make it worth remembering

today being montage Monday I am going to be giving my general review on this short film “The Most Beautiful Things” (the video will be linked below)
This short film is ab how a highschool boy Brandon  who is an introvert, who doesn’t know were he belonged hence a social outcast meets with Emily (who he wanted to ask out for prom) , they becm close friends in a very short period of time.

well.. their journey to becoming something more than just friends is heartwarming.

How those beautiful little moments changed them in more than a way… how spending time with Emily changed Brandon’s perspective of life and how he gave her the strength to face her insecurities head on.

This short film sends a very strong message with not much dialog.

There is not much to be said but to be felt

Hope this 10min long, short film would make you realize how much better the world is made for you by the people who you matter the most to.




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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Moments

  1. “He hit on me so I hit him” Hahaha classic.
    It was a nice story with a good message but overall I found it a bit clichéd in the sense of high-school romance and prom and everything.The story could have conveyed the message in a much better way.The video ends before it starts.
    But the bgm was interesting as well as the characters of the story. So I kind of liked it!
    What do you guys think?

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  2. It was a bit clichéd…I agree, but I feel the screen play was to the point. With minimal dialogues, the message was given out beautifully.
    Music, as you said, too complimented well. Misc on Scene was subtle but at the same time, effective. I loved it on the whole.

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  3. Truly heart warming story, shot really well. The incidents that brought the couple together could have been more innovative, considering the fact that she is physically challenged opening up new ideas.


  4. So when there’s not much dialogues in a script , the actor’s skill in acting, music and cinematography play a major role. The three were well handled. The quote used delivers the message than the script . Overall a heartfelt short film . Defo a 3.5 /5 !

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